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  • Dare da Yawa (TBD)

  • Sisterly Speaking (TBD)

    Meg Otanwa, Tunbosun Aiyedehin

    "Sisterly Speaking" is a comedy-drama series that follows the eventful life of Ajoke Williams, an ambitious young Nigerian businesswoman. As she j…

  • Dare the Orange Boy (TBD)

    Tina Mba

  • Craving (TBD)

    Ruth Kadiri, Daniel Lloyd

    CRAVING is the story of two relationships that put their unions on the line because they couldn't sit and talk about what 'rocks their boat' in bed.

  • The X List (TBD)

    Ik Ogbonna, Zack Orji

  • Ire (TBD)

  • Ummi (TBD)

  • Tuwon Kasa (TBD)

    A story about adultery in a Hausa society.

  • Dark Past (TBD)

    Chika Ike, Mofe Duncan

    Mofe Duncan stars as a married man who is torn between different women.

  • The Intern (TBD)

    Sophie Alakija, Moyo Lawal