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  • Rise and Fall of Idi Amin (1981)

    Joseph Olita, Denis Hills

    Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, also known as Amin: The Rise and Fall, is a 1981 biographical film directed by Sharad Patel and starring Joseph Olita as I…

  • Living in Bondage I (1992)

    Kenneth Okonkwo, Nnnenna Nwabueze

    The film tells the story of a man who joins a secret cult, kills his wife in a ritual sacrifice, gains enormous wealth as a reward, and is afterwards…

  • Kulba Na Barna (1993)

    Set in modern-day Nigeria, the story of a Zaliha, a young and beautiful high school student who is seduced by a wealthy businessman.

  • Violated (1996)

    Richard Mofe Damijo, Joke Silva

    The film tells the story of a young man Tega from a wealthy background who falls in love and marries Peggy who came from a different background. Howe…

  • Domitilla (1996)

    Enebeli Enebuwa, Basorge Tariah

    This Nollywood classic tells the story of young girls who went into prostitution to survive. Domitilla and her friends Judith (Kate Henshaw) and Jen…

  • Malam Karkata (1999)