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  • On Time (TBD)

    Emma Efordi, Loveth Efunudu

    "On Time" tells the story of a disabled woman who overcomes serious family challenges to find the love of her life.

  • The X List (TBD)

    Gbenga Titiloye, Sunshine Ufedo

  • Chameleon (TBD)

    Seun Akindele, Damilola Awosemo

  • Ire (TBD)

  • Craving (TBD)

    Emmanuel Mang Eme, Lisa Henry Omorodion

    CRAVING is the story of two relationships that put their unions on the line because they couldn't sit and talk about what 'rocks their bo...

  • Survival of Jelili (TBD)

    Femi Adebayo

    The story of Jelili continues.

  • Dawayya (TBD)

  • Dawa Dai (TBD)

    Dan Ibro