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A psychopathic couple combines money, technology and creativity on a mission to revenge their brutally murdered loved one believed to have been murdered by a group of "social media freaks" 2 years ago, On the same date at same location, the group found themselves caught up in a well planned death or death situation, with a more confusing puzzle, its a holiday and more people should have been at the water fall but they are alone and no one is coming, the crime committed 2 years ago had no eye witnesses and no suspects, now they could be innocent victims in the wrong place at the wrong time, they Could be the actual CULPRITS. Either way they must have to survive a silly scary slasher and his more dangerous post traumatic paralyzed wife who runs the operation from the comfort of a wheel chair at home. They run but many surprises outrun them as it only gets worse. now they fight back only to realize a daring fact, their killer is on a suicide mission and they are fighting a more powerful a