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  • Bombshell (1933)

    Emma Ayalogu, Prince Nwafor

    AfricaMagic Epic is a channel dedicated to African programming made by Africans and features the best of epic entertainment content from th…

  • Countdown at Kusini (1976)

    Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis

    Story of the transition of an African country from colonialism to independence.

  • Rise and Fall of Idi Amin (1981)

    Joseph Olita, Denis Hills

    Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, also known as Amin: The Rise and Fall, is a 1981 biographical film directed by Sharad Patel and starring Joseph …

  • Laila (1984)

    Fati Shumma, Abbas Sadik

    A uniform service man finds his trust shattered when out of compassion he offers shelter to a lady who is homeless and with a baby.

  • Sultana (1986)

    Nafisat Abdullahi, Ahmad Ali Nuhu

    Sultana falls madly in love with a man but she must face her toughest test in life when she is accused of being a witch.

  • Living in Bondage I (1992)

    Kenneth Okonkwo, Nnnenna Nwabueze

    The film tells the story of a man who joins a secret cult, kills his wife in a ritual sacrifice, gains enormous wealth as a reward, and is …

  • Kulba Na Barna (1993)

    Set in modern-day Nigeria, the story of a Zaliha, a young and beautiful high school student who is seduced by a wealthy businessman.

  • I Am The Future (1993)

    Chunu Teejay, Kunle Idewu

    Chunu Teejay, Kunle Idewu, Abraham Edema, Afemikhe Mohammed, Oj Brown, Chioma Onah, Timi Pudie. (1993) Timi Pudie