Benedict Johnson


Benedict Johnson hails from Isu in Nwangele Local Government Area, Imo State. He was born into a royal family as his father was the traditional ruler of his village. He has 8 siblings. Growing up was good till he lost his dad. This did not deter his dream. It made him determined to have a focus in life.

He is a graduate of Mass Communication, Abia State University, Uturu. In 1988, he became a musician. Did his first demo between 1989 and 1990. He left his group, The Dready Boys back in the East when a friend promised to help him release his songs if he came to Lagos. For 3 years, he waited on his friend to no avail. Along the line, another friend of his invited him for an audition. Being a shy person, he was not keen at first but after getting commended by the people during the auditioning, he decided to give acting a try. Though his first movie was ‘Living In Bondage’, he did not get his break until he did ‘Stolen Bible’ where he featured alongside Kate Henshaw-Nutta