Cecilia Agu (Intimacy Queen)

Date of Birth
May 6, 1983
Place of Birth

A rape survivor who won't let her past experiences define her future.

Cecilia Agu is very passionate about building happy homes using Godly principles. She says it as it is and takes a no-nonsense, tough love approach to all marital and pre-marital issues.

Cecilia is the creator and host of BEDROOM MATTERS and one of the most sort after speakers who speaks to a wide range of audience about God, marriage and sex.

She is an online course creator and author of 2 books *"5 sizzling sex positions and 8 sex languages"*

She has been featured at the (Bespoke lifestyle Social, The Women with Stories which was featured on the Guardian woman and House on the rock church.

Cecilia Agu has helped over 500 couples in 1 year add spice and sizzle to their marriage to the Glory of God.

She is married to Amanna Agu, her support system and biggest fan, and they are blessed with 4 adorable children.

Instagram @ceciliaagu
Facebook: Cecilia Agu