Kayode Olasehinde


Kayode Olasehinde, known as "Ajirebi", the semi-literate old man to the Nollywood Yoruba Movie lovers and as "James", the crafty, yet notorious and funny old man in Papa Ajasco and Family.He is a Native of Kwara State,Nigeria and was born 15th of May 1957 in Lagos.

He attended St. Patrick Primary School and Evangelical Church of West Africa,Sudan Interior Mission School,Patako in kwara State for His Primary Education and attended Oke-Ede Grammar School for his Secondary Education. Opting out from School due to the inability of his Parent to further sponsor his Education, He served as an homeboy to so many families.

Kayode Olseinde joined Olanrewaju Ali Theatre Group in 1978 and was discovered at the Nigeria Television Authority, (NTA 10) in a first play titled "Mo ti K'owo Soke" (my hands are raised) where He came about the name "Ajirebi".

Married to a trusting and understanding woman,He is blessed with three children.