Tina Mba

Place of Birth
Enugu, Nigeria

Tina Mba is a mother of two (a boy and a girl). This pleasant lady tells of how she was once in a relationship that nearly took her life and because of that ugly experience she says she is not missing marriage one bit.

Can we get into your world?

I’m Tina Mba, I’m definitely female and definitely Nigerian. I’m a mother of two, I’m an actress. I’m Igbo from Enugu State. I’m a ‘Wa-wa’ woman, (laughs).

In olden days if you called a Wa-wa woman Wa-wa she would be annoyed but now you call yourself Wa-wa which is somehow derogatory?

Yes, I know. They have this derogatory song they sing like ‘Wa-wa’ Ota akpiri nama’ (Wa-wa that chews cow bugs) (laughs). Then they had another one which was ‘Na ya ukwu, O ji okpa anu tea (her master drinks tea with ‘Okpa’) Now, I’m not annoyed over that. I’m proud to describe myself as ‘Wa-wa.’ I think that makes us a unique people. The word Wa-wa means no, never! They are very upright; they can be very stubborn too. That is why they are ‘Wa-wa’ people.