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  • Adam Apple (2011)

    Yvonne Okoro, Joselyn Dumas

    The film series follows the life of the Adams' family, which is made up of Dorris Adams (Anima Misa Amoah), a widowed ex-diplomat wife, and…

  • In Iredu (2013)

    Deyemi Okanlawon

    In iRedu is set in a fictional African country with 4 main tribes. The character ‘Ogagun’ is a general from the western region who meets wi…

  • Adam Apples (2013)

    Christmas came early for me when I learned that Sparrow Productions, the production house responsible for renowned Ghanaian movies like the…

  • Dadin Kowa (2014)

  • Waiwaye (Cultural Show) (2014)

    This is a series that shows the people of North Nigeria, including their language, their history, their religion and their life-style.

  • H Hip Hop (2014)

    H HIP Hop has become a major training program for young people in northern Nigeria. H Hip Hop will spot what's going on behind the scenery …

  • Tauraruwa (Female Stars/Role Models) (2014)

    Nafisat Abdullahi

    This learning program aims to inspire young people to reach their goals by introducing outstanding women in different ways. The star will f…

  • Complicated (2014)

    Complicated is a silent web-series by ToksVisions, that follows the love lives of two individuals. Showing the complexities and insecuritie…