Banana Island Ghost

English Comedy
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B.I.G is a comedy movie about a ghost who is scared to go to heaven because he doesn’t have a soulmate, so he convinces God to give him three days to… view movie details

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Banana Island Ghost definitely lives up to its hype. It is smooth and sweet and funny and fluid. Lines like: “Patrick!” “Paleh!”, or “An from Awka (in the heights of Igbo accents)” are the kind of lines you don’t see coming, but totally fall for. I salute this film and would want to see it again. Produced by Biola Alabi, it gets a BIG ‘A’ for effort.

The very things that give director BB Sasore’s debut movie strength are the same ones that weaken it. But all is not lost, as a sitting through ‘Banana Island Ghost’ - though a mixed bag - proved to be time mostly well-spent.

Loved the visuals and comedy...

The movie seemed sort of disconnected. It was like they had really great ideas but it just didn't come together as well as i expected. Loved the visuals and comedy though, that was brilliant. :)