Basket Mouth

English Drama, Comedy
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Fred has delusions of grandeur and has taken to calling himself “Big Fredo.” The only thing big about Fred are his lies. Fredo uses a story about having come from the city and having a container lost on the high seas to seduce many many girls in the village. He promises them that when his container arrives he will bath them in riches and amazingly they pretty much all fall for it.

Although it is a comedy there are some serious underlying themes. The main ones being greed, materialism and “saving face.” The whole reason Big Fredo comes out with the elaborate story that he is a rich businessman from the city is to “save face” to his family and friends. He knows how the people in his community operate and that for him to come back to the village without material wealth he would be seen as a failure. It is for this reason that he invents the stories that he does.