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Mary and Kingsley are childhood sweethearts. Mary’s mother is not in favour of the relationship as Mary has been promised to another man. The family are indebted to him as he put Mary through school and takes care of the family’s financial needs. Their families are virtually at war with each other and so they make the decision to keep their relationship on the down low and start meeting each other late at night when no one will see them.

The relationship is short lived as a series of events follows that changes the life course of all those involved.

I had high hopes for this film. I like all the main actors usually, Patience, Oge and Nonso. The film started well, but my instincts were completely wrong!

In the first scene we see Nkechi, Mary’s Mother fighting in her neighbour’s compound, She starts off the fight by asking,

“Where is your useless son?” before they two women begin tussling and trading insults.

The scene is bold and dramatic and makes you pay attention. Straight away we know Patience is playing the bad ass mother and that she doesn’t want her daughter seeing her neighbours’ son for whatever reason.

In the next scene we are introduced to Mary, played by Oge Okoye. We see her looking glum and pondering. We hear her introduction through internal monologue,

“My name is Mary; Mary Daniels. This is my true life story. A part of me I’d love to hate. A part of me I hate to share. Like my mother always said the road to hell is broad and attractive, before now I have lived my life differently.”

Mary has a story to tell about her life and if you want to watch the film you too will be tortured by the ridiculousness of it all.