Gone to America

English Comedy
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The movie follows the story of Okoro, a simple gateman, who is going through a tough time.
He is indebted to his landlord to the extent where he was dehumanized, loses a right to his privacy and can no longer enjoy the quietness of his home.
Battling with sleepless nights, an opportunity, out of the blues, presents itself for him to travel to America, courtesy of a green card lottery entered for him by his long-term master’s nephew.
America, the land of the free and home of the brave beckons, but, alas it is Donald Trump’s America with some strong-faced, no-nonsense Immigration officers, ready with their batons to defend the gateway to their great land by ‘any means necessary’!
The comedy and fiasco that ensures between Okoro and these immigration officers, and whether he succeeds in getting through immigration, is better seen than told.