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'S1/E10'. A twenty-year old young woman who lives in a small village, where she helps her parents on their farm, spends time with Dareng, her belov... view movie details

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Nice story line. I would have...

Nice story line. I would have preferred that Madam have few unpredictable attitude. She stayed sad all the time. Worst ending in any series i have seen so far. Leaves more questions than answer

Halita the movie

This movie is awesome in many ways. I usually look forward to watching it every week day. The arewa touch keeps me captivated. I even watch the production again on Sundays when the ominbus is recasted.
I think the charater of madam presidential canditate is much too serious and unhappy though. Also, Vicoco and Ladi are over exagurrated for me. I hope my opinion chanages as the plot unfolds.
I can't wait to see how it all ends.