Heroes and Villains

English Drama
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Heroes and Villains is a romantic comedy about a couple, Kiki (Belinda Effah) and Pablo (Seun Akindele) having issues in their marital life. They filed for a divorce from Brown, a lawyer who is a family friend to the couple. He sought for an alternative other than divorce and organized a 2 weeks’ vacation for them in Summerset Continental Hotel outside their town.

He gave both of them a notepad each to write whatever they didn’t like about each other and fill it with everyday experience of the vacation. Pablo made new friends that night they got to the hotel when he went out to get dinner after an argument ensued between him and his wife over dinner. He met Jide (Chucks Chyke) who had a fight with his girlfriend that night and Latoya (Ivie Okujaye) who he found interesting as she was not on the supportive side of women in their discussion about men and women. Pablo became friends with Latoya and he told her about his family issues.

Kiki on the other hand met Latoya while she was being harassed by a man while jogging one day. The couple confided in Latoya, unknowing to both of them, Latoya was suffering from psychological trauma. The couple sorted out their problems and when they thought they were a couple again, Latoya scattered everything they had built up.