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Salt & Truth, founded by John Adewusi and Jola Ayeye, is producing a documentary that investigates the lives of these children, commonly known as “House Girls”.

It explores the economy and underbelly of this domestic service industry; from the agents, who scout, find, procure and transport these children, to the parents and guardians who release their wards to these strangers for “work” thousands of miles away, and finally to the members of the Nigerian populace who “employ them” in their homes.

The Nigerian domestic service industry in Nigeria is awash with minors.

In millions of homes in Nigeria, children are employed as domestic staff and spend many hours performing menial tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. In an unregulated industry, they are subject to all forms of horrific abuse, from verbal to physical and sexual.

The documentary touches on the domestic labor industry in Nigeria.

This project, currently in development, was amongst the top five selections globally for the MIPDoc 2019 pitch in Cannes. MIPDoc is a global industry content convention, where major studios and networks converge to pitch, sell, commission and license content yearly.