In Sickness and In Health

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A smart, refreshing, REALISTIC look at Domestic Abuse

Kudos to Muyiwa on a movie that has dared to be different.
I love how well Beverly Naya played the role of Tinu;an empowered,capable female millenial.She was a victim,but only for a short period.I really encourage more women to understand nobody can make you feel small/unworthy without your cooperation.(I will avoid going down the path of ‘whataboutism’ and refrain from talking about how men are also increasingly falling victim to domestic violence these days.) I also applaud the fact Tinu’s inner conflict was plain to see; just because her husband apologized and explained why he mistreated her, it didn't make it right.
Personally I think she shouldn’t have taken him back though. Partly because as her sister said,abusers rarely change and he could easily find another reason to hit her tomorrow(e.g his unemployment).
However,as with most fiction that aims to make a profit,I understand the movie's need for a happy ending. Muyiwa and the cast can be proud of their opus, I certainly am.

Great movie, I love the story, the plot, the way...

Great movie, I love the story, the plot, the way the viewer was held spellbound all through the story. I commend the cast. I've always known OC Ukeje as a fantastic actor, but I didn't think I could say same about Beverly Naya until I saw this movie.... I've seen many movies on domestic violence but this one was fresh and the delivery was on point.
I got so emotional at some point that I caught myself shedding a year or two. Kudos to Muyiwa Aluko... He showed his versatility as director with this one.
I looked out for flaws but didn't find any... I leave that to professional movie critics