Liars and Pretenders

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The movie tells the tale of three...

The movie tells the tale of three girlfriends,
Rukki, Maureen, and Dorothy. With two of the
girls claiming all kinds of fantasies about their
individual marriages and love lives, the third is
left out of the picture. Her husband has
recently secured a low paying job in the city,
and trying to meet up to their daily needs. She
becomes despirately in want of a change after
heeding to her friends endless brags about
thier ‘perfect’ love lives.

Review - Liars & Pretenders

The movie is about three girlfriends living in a world of lies and fantasies about their individual love lives. One of the girls begins to feel left out of the fun the other girls are having because her own husband is currently jobless and struggling to make end's meet. The movie is full of suspense and secrets with a surprising twist at the end.
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Length: 2hr