Lost Pride

English Drama
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The movie “Lost Pride” tells a story of how a devoted Christian girl accepts an offer of a lift from a stranger to escape the rain but little does she know that his growing obsession with her will lead her jealous course mate into taking drastic action against her.

The movie as already stated was about a girl named Jenny (Belinda Effah) who gets a lift from a stranger Kelvin Madueke (Fredick Leonard). He takes an interest in her and asks for her phone number to which she gives him a fake number. Another girl Callista (Daniella Okeke), sees him and picks an interest in him, however his unwavering desire to be with Jenny prompts him to refuse her, This sends her into a rage that eventually consumes her. So for the duration of the movie, we watch Kelvin’s quest to finding Jenny as well as Callista’s elaborate plan to emotionally and physically abuse Jenny.