My Kids and I

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Much love

The movies is what everybody should watch because the motivation i got watching and the happiness it gives me.The kids are very good in whatever they do or say's,good job soul mate production company for your amazing work

This Movie is Great,i love it and i would recommend others.

To Be sincere i love this Movie, Expecially the Kids, Honestly i have Stop watching Nollywood since 2008, i do watch Hollywood, Just a Friend at my working place recommended this movie for, i just say lets me give a try, from Season 1 now i am in season 4, i have never been Bored watching this Movie, i suspect this man was their real father so i came in to google to search and clear of my doubt that's how i found my self here writing this reveal.
The Kids they are just too good in Acting to be Honest, is like they Have been Acting for decade, i love every character and cast crews in this Movie.