Poisoned Bait

English Drama
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What happens, when the richer, cuter ex-lover comes along on your wedding day!?I have watched enough Hollywood movies that end with this scenario, so I was obviously intrigued by a TV show that answered my questions of “and then”?

The first episode starts off on a good note. It brings Ariel (played by Marie Humbert) and Henry (Adjetey Anang) into the picture. Their dialogue felt a bit too Romeo and Juliet (you know…oh don’t leave… Stay longer…) for my liking. However, Marie and Adjetey’s acting were good enough to reveal their positions in the relationship. We could tell that that the love was one sided (coming from Henry), leaving me wondering “why the hell is she with him?” This question is intentionally stimulated at the beginning to draw closer attention to the details and essentials of Ariel’s character development. So, kudos to the writers for achieving that!

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