Purple Rose

English Drama, Romance
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In Purple Rose, a movie featuring Nse Ikpe Etim, Eddie Watson and Roselyn Ngissah, Annette (Nse Ikpe Etim) is a journalist who journeys to see a man who can see the future for an article she is writing but instead, he tells her that she will never know what love is until she see a purple rose and hears the sound of a guitar. She is engaged to marry.

She reunites with Dylan, an old childhood friend who is partly separated from his wife and child. One thing leads to another and they both begin to have sex and develop feelings for each other up until Annette’s fiancé, Ethan (Kweku Elliot) returns home for their wedding and Dylan’s wife, Ama (Barbara Anakwa) returns unannounced to fix their marital issues.

Is Annette’s wedding still going to hold despite her cheating and confused feelings? Is Dylan going to be able to patch things up with his wife now that his heart desires another woman?

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