English Drama, Romance
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Kaylah (Nse Ikpe Etim) is a successful fashion stylist that has many celebrities as clients. On returning home after styling one of her clients, she had a flat tyre in a remote village. Unfortunately for her, she encounters traditionalist looking for a female sacrifice for their gods. Michael (Jim Iyke) saves her from the ritualists. After exchanging pleasantries, Michael continues to stalk Kaylah everywhere to her distaste. Kaylah eventually got a police injunction against Michael that prevents him from being anywhere around her through the help of her police uncle (Ayo Makun). Kaylah discovers her boyfriend, Dickson (Anthony Monjaro) is a married man with kids. She tearfully ended the relationship upon the discovery and was emotionally down. Kaylah's younger sister, (Emem Inwang) gives her the gifts and writeups originally given to her by Michael in an attempt to calm her from the numerous heartbreaks. Upon reading the letter, Kaylah, now obsessed with the idea of getting Michael back, decides to find him and pleads his forgiveness. A flashback reveals that Michael wasn't actually following her but their pathways met coincidentally on numerous occasions. Kaylah makes romantic advances towards Michael who revealed that he was already engaged to Ella (Caroline Danjuma). Unbeknownst to Michael, Kaylah befriends Ella then cunningly visits Michael's home when Ella was supposed to be away in Abuja. Unfortunately for her, Ella burged into the house and a physical duel between both ladies erupted. Ella is killed before Michael returns home.