English Drama, Romance
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A day at a salon turned into more than just grooming. Four women that met for the first time got into a heated discussion about their cheating husbands. Each had a story of betrayal to tell.

Christine (Bayray McNwizu) discovered her husband had sex with a prostitute when she found a used condom in the car. Martha (Yvonne Jegede) ran into an old friend at a hotel and learned that she was the woman her husband was sleeping with.

Tobi (Bola Adebayo) was married to Phil (Alexx Ekubo) for two years when she accidentally overheard a conversation he was having with his side chick. Lastly, Irene (Belinda Effah) had a bad marriage but it hit rock bottom when her husband came home drunk with two women.

After sharing their stories, the women put their heads together and plotted revenge.