Ward 305

English Drama
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After discovering her husband’s involvement in a secret cult, Emem (Mary Njoku) was forced to live life on the run. It was the reason behind her husband’s wealth and his life of crime insured a life of abundance.

Her husband saw her as a loose end because she had the ability to report him to the authorities. Aware of his intent to get rid of her, she allowed herself to be committed to a psychiatric ward. There, she was temporarily safe but that changed on the day she exited the facility and was hit by a car.

Emem was admitted to the hospital and coincidentally the driver of the car, Dr. Goke (John Dumelo) was also the doctor in charge of her care. He invited her to recuperate in his home unaware that she was on the run.

Emem’s family was unaware of her husband’s misdeeds and while she was secluded in Dr. Coke’s home, her family concluded that her disappearance was intentional in an effort to avoid sharing an inheritance left to her by her father. Her cousin carried on affair with her husband and then unwittingly led him to Emem’s whereabouts.