All Things

English Drama
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Mike (Francis Duru) was a guy that showed one face but hid another. He constantly recited the Holy Scriptures and no one had a clue that he was a lowlife thief. The rich often employed him as a houseboy or gateman and he secretly watched for an opportunity to strike. Whenever he learned there was cash in the homes he ordered his crew to violently invade the house and steal it.

Mike continued this charade for as long as it worked. He moved from house to house and used his religious antics to convince homeowners to employ him. He even manipulated his way into a wealthy woman’s life and he was not only her houseboy but also her bedmate. He gluttonously took her body and her money.

Mike’s persona as a broke man with a strong faith in God paid off temporarily until his mistakes proved to be his downfall and his trickery caught up with him.