Best Honeymoon

English Drama
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Three friends make a pact that when the time comes for them to be married each of them will get to “test” each others wife’s to be beforehand. Bright played by Seun Akindele first offers his friends Philip and Steven his girlfriend to be “tested” and his two friends willingly oblige. The problem comes when Philip played by Majid Michel is thinking about marrying his girlfriend Stella. He is reminded of the pact but balks at the idea, not wanting to hear of any such thing. Bright feels afflicted and vows to “test drive” Stella, played by Ufuoma Ejenobor by any means necessary. Will he get to carry out his vow?

Stella and Philip’s parents are introduced to each other and it is from there that the bad blood starts. Stella’s parents feel that Philips parents are snobs and Philip’s parents feel that Stella’s are uncouth illiterates. Things really heat up when the families are thrown in even closer proximity. Will they ever learn to get along?