Boss of All Bosses

English Comedy
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Tony is an obnoxious M.D of an oil and gas company called Hemcorp, he has somehow calculatedly advanced in his career by scheming his way through t... view movie details

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Ugly movie

Boss of all bosses is just a total waste of time. They just wasted Nedu, Akpororo, and Adunni Ade's talent. I am so disappointed. Waste of money. Don't you dare go to the cinema to watch it. I am pained. The movie is just trash. No moral lesson, no direction. GOD!!! Just did this, just to support a friend but I think I won't displease myself next time just to please someone else.

I don't have much to say about this funny but...

I don't have much to say about this funny but childish and annoying nollywood movie titled "boss of all bosses", but I only want to know the name of the soundtrack with the lyrics "I know you liking the kondo" played when they were on the boat?? Help please

Painfully annoying...

This few left me pained....I almost felt cheated out of the money I paid to watch this @ the Cinema.

The plot was Painfully weak, neither here nor there, came out as almost childish....

Left the Cinema hall without waiting till the just didn't seem worth it to stay till the end....