Boss of All Bosses

English Comedy
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Tony is an obnoxious M.D of an oil and gas company called Hemcorp, he has somehow calculatedly advanced in his career by scheming his way through the organisation under the watch eyes of Thomas the CEO who gave him the free hand to run the company as he liked whilst Thomas remained in the shadows.

Tony's joy ride is finally put to a halt when he is put in a difficult situation after Thomas is dissatisfied with his performances and poor delivery on his set tasks, Thomas decides to create competition by employing Samuel as the second M.D in the company to compete with Tony for the position of the sole Managing Director of Hemcorp. They were both given one ultimatum which was “Whoever Brings in a Top Client within 6 months remains the M.D of the company”.

Their rivalry revolves around a number of competitions;

·Who between them performs better for the firm.

·Who between them wins the ultimatum and is the M.D left standing after the agreed task set by the CEO is achieved.

·Who between them wins the heart of a beautiful colleague called Gwen who was newly recruited by the CEO.

·Who wins the annual water fighting tournament held every year at the office?