Career Woman

English Drama
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The Career Woman features a lawyer Anita (Jackie Appiah); a successful lawyer, excellent in what she does- never lost a case. Anita is happily married, with a single child, to Richard (Fredrick Leonard). Her single, younger sister, Queen (Calista Okoronkwo) lives with her.

Queen, trying to get her own man, to no avail, has some interest in her sister’s husband. The comic relief of the movie is the gateman, who can’t pass by anyone without a silly comment.

Flashback is used in the movie, when Anita’s mother visits from the village, and Anita’s pre-career life is revealed. However, her mother’s role in the movie is insignificant and not needed. Her presence leads to the flashback of Anita’s pre-career life, but any other character could have also done that.

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