Desperate Game

English Drama, Romance
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Christabel (Annie Macaulay) has just got married to Jerry (Nash Alexis Smith) but also has a lover called Kushmond (Mike Ezuruonye), who has a girlfriend called Zeta (Jme Orighoye). Christabel even rendezvous with Jerry on her wedding night when she believes that her husband has gone out on work business. In reality he too is cheating on her and actually goes to see his mistress Silver (Millicent Mugadu Wambui). The happenings on this night set off a chain of unfortunate events. Jerry is caught in the hotel room with his mistress by her boyfriend and a fight ensues where Jerry accidently kills him and ends up in prison. Christabel does not know what has happened to Jerry and so sets up home with Kush. Jerry is pretty much forgotten until there is a knock on the front door 4 years later. Everybody is hiding secrets from the other but little do they know that there is someone that knows everything. Will all their secrets be exposed?