Family Yoke

English Drama
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The movie explores on repercussions, Karma payment and consequences of people's past!
He(Yul Edochie) was excessively rich but his family never benefited from his wealth. He was known to be a philanthropist in his community and to people outside his community. He totally restricted Maria(Destiny Etiko) his wife from going back to the village with him cos he didn't want her to envisage his inhumanity towards his family. He does everything he should do for his family to his father-in-law. His sisters(Ruth Eze/Oluchi Afundu) Visited him in the city but he sent them back to the village with just two thousand naira. His mother(Ugo Doris) got involved in an accident where she was working as a laborer but he never cared to come or even send money to them. Things went worst which took the life of his mother so his Father(Harry-B) with his mother's sister went into search to know where their problems are from, and behold the unbelievable unfolded! Guess what? Kindly watch to see that indeed evil men do gets back at them in due time.