Keeping Secret

English Drama
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Nneka (Ebele Okaro) was diagnosed with cancer. She thought she was at death’s door when she asked her husband, Frank, to find the daughter that she relinquished at birth. Frank (Fredrick Leonard) was significantly younger than she was and he was unaware that she had a child. Nonetheless, he agreed to the request of his dying wife.

The back-story was that Nneka got pregnant when she was young and her boyfriend abandoned her. She wasn’t in a position to care for a baby so she left her daughter on a neighbor’s doorstep and went on with her life.

Cut to the present, her daughter was of adult age and thought her adoptive parents were her biological parents. Nneka hadn’t seen her since birth and didn’t know what to expect so on that note, Frank paid a woman to pretend she was Nneka’s daughter.

The heart of the story was that Frank stood to inherit millions as Nneka’s only beneficiary. With Nneka’s daughter in the picture he figured he would have to share the assets so he hired an imposter to cut some of his losses. Together, the two carried out their agenda until the truth dismantled their game.