Missing Link

English Drama
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Mercy, Irene, and Angel were unmarried women in the prime of their lives. Not only were they friends but they also worked together. Irene (Halima Abubakar) had a knack for gaming men and she got them to spend money on her – that is until she met Winter (Emeka Okoro).

Winter was hip to Irene’s shenanigans and called her on it. She was pissed at first but with a little persistence Winter won her over. As the two spent time together they realized they had more in common than a couple should.

Since Irene was in a relationship with Winter, Mercy and Angel (Benita Nzeribe & Ebube Nwagbo) did most of the bonding. It was during a meeting that Mercy’s father (Jibola Dabo) surreptitiously expressed an interest in Angel. Angel was intrigued and although Mercy’s father was married and old enough to be her father, that didn’t stop her from accepting an invitation to romance with him.

The chief (Mercy’s father) showered Angel with gifts, a car, and even promised to build her a house. Her generous, new, boyfriend remained a mystery until the day Mercy found out that Angels’s sugar daddy was her father. Then things got ugly.