English Drama, Action
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The film begins with Clifford (John Dumelo) and Rebecca(Yvonne Okoro) lost in the forest after their vehicle required a repair on their way from. It was revealed that Rebecca was betrothed to Clifford since their childhood. While Rebecca remained silent all through the journey and looked less bothered by the utterances by her new husband, Clifford expresses reluctance on being happily married with her since he was only wants to fulfill the dying wish of his father. In trying to take a piss, Clifford got bitten by a forest creature, this led to the first conversation between them. Rebecca assists him in healing his wound. She also reveal to him that she was previously in love and expresses her disregard in his lack for respect and love for her. After some lengthy discussion between them, they began to get attracted to each-other. Rebecca gets kidnapped by two men, this was later revealed to have been orchestrated by Rebecca and her former boyfriend. Rebecca returns to Clifford and explained her plans all along to fake her death and stop his driver from following by poisoning him. After listening and seeing the genuineness of her plea, Clifford accepts her while they both await the newly arrived rescue team to the forest.

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