Sweet Tomorrow

English Drama
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Tamuno (Rita Dominic) is in love with a jobless rasta that she met at university called Bruno (Desmond Elliot), but is betrothed to Akan (Ramsey Noah), somebody that her parents consider decent, successful and respectable. She is not in love with Akan but nevertheless plans on marrying him to please her parents, and not get cut off from them financially as they have threatened should she jeopardise her relationship with Akan. The wedding is planned but two days before the wedding Tamuno gets cold feet and runs of to elope with Bruno leaving her friend Tonye to break the news to him.

Akan offers Tonye 2 million Naira to marry him in Tamuno’s place. It is strictly a business arrangement and she is supposed to live with him for 3 months before parting ways. She is reluctant to take part in the scheme but later succumbs to the temptation of the money.