The Professionals

English Drama, Romance
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Donald played Chidi Mokeme and his wife Emilia played by Jackie Appiah come back to Ghana from Germany to a brand new mansion built from money he sent his younger brother Ibe, played by Artus Frank. Emilia on her return suspects witchcraft in the house after spotting a tiger that Donald doesn’t see. When she visits her mother in law in the village she feels a mysterious itching and again suspects witchcraft. Back in the city she finds a dead bat and is convinced that is a deadly sign and threatens to move out, as she believes that Donald’s family are responsible. What is really going on?

Ibe and his girlfriend Gladys played by Mary Uranta are at loggerheads because Gladys wants to get married as soon as possible so she nags him about not being formally introduced to his family. Emilia warns Ibe that Gladys is desperate and because of this will not make a good wife. Her words in his ears put doubts in his mind about her and soon he brings a new girl to the house. Again Emelia starts meddling. Not only does she arrange a confrontation between Ibe and his ex and current girlfriend but she starts trouble between Donald and all his family but at the same time paints herself as the good wife to all of them.