30 Days

English Drama, Action, Thriller
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Gbenga Richards is Mr President, Ms Joke Silva is Minister of state while Segun Arinze is the inspector General of police in a corrupt and degenerate establishment. However, they have a problem on their hands, as top government functionaries are being mysteriously assassinated. The culprits? A band of female revolutionaries who are tired of the massive corruption pervading the land and decide to take matters into their own hands. Into all this drama walks Kene Alumona (played by the ubersexy CBA). He is home on vacation after many years in the US, and he picks up the very pretty Chinora Onu (Genevieve Nnaji) after dancing with her at a club. But is Chinora just another hot chick, or is life a little more complex? And how are the lovebirds affected by the chaos infecting the larger polity?