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Pastor Sam (Adjetjey Anang) had a past he wasn’t proud of. As a man of faith, he gave in to lust and took advantage of a sixteen year old and she supposedly wound up pregnant. She had a boyfriend at the time, Samuel (Anthony Woode), and he put a deal on the table where he covered for the pastor and claimed the pregnancy. This came at a price of ten thousand dollars which the pastor willingly paid in order to save his reputation.

Long story short, Samuel and his girlfriend planned to run away together. They were to meet at a bus stop early one morning but when Samuel got there his girlfriend had been stabbed to death.

Of course, the police were right in time to arrest Samuel and he spent seven years in prison for a crime he believed the pastor committed. While in prison he made friends with inmate Malik, played by Fred Amugi. The two devised a scheme to extort money from the pastor.

Samuel escaped from prison and put their plan in motion. He kidnapped the pastor’s young daughter and in exchange for her life, he demanded four hundred thousand dollars and a public announcement confessing his hypocritical past.

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