Back from South Africa

English Drama
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The Movie revolves round Mbute, Joshua, Eze and Kampo. Mbute is a welder in the village, he sold all his welding equipment to pay for his trip to South Africa. On getting there, He was given accommodation by Ejike, who happens to be a drug lord. Ejike’s wife doesn’t like Mbute. Mbute starts disturbing Ejike the he wants to hustle and earn money, Mbute was then given a trial in the drug business then he messed up and was sent packing out of Ejikes’s house. Joshua, Eze and Kampo were villagers, who were taken to South Africa to work by another drug lord, Emeka. After refusing to do the dirty work for some time, they finally agreed. As they were given their first job they stole all the money from the drugs then travelled down to their village in Nigeria.