Be Not Afraid

English Drama
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Malik is part of a carjacking cartel. One day he spots a pretty young woman driving a slick new jeep. She leaves the car and enters a grocery store at which time Malik jacks the vehicle and takes it back to his boss’ base only to discover on opening the back doors that there is a baby boy lying on the back seat. After the initial panic subsides it is decided by the cartel that the baby will be returned to the mother, but first they need to enquire as to where the mother lives. Rita is distraught at being separated from her son and thinks constantly only of where he is and how he is. In the meantime Malik becomes protective over and attached to the baby boy.

Fate is to keep mother and son apart for longer than the gang reckoned as when Malik goes to return the child the area is teeming with police and so they abandon the mission with the intent of returning the boy another day. That day never comes as the baby dies in Malik’s hands despite his best efforts to keep him alive.