Freinds & Lovers

English Drama
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Estelle (Belinda Effah) was on top of her game when it came to her career but her love life was a mess. She was in love with a man that was still in love with his ex.

She hired a private detective to trail him and although she had solid proof that he was cheating, she was still determined to make it work. Ijeoma (Meg Otanwa), her best friend, encouraged her to end the relationship but Estelle believed it was better to fight for her man.

Shortly after, Ijeoma reported that she too had experienced the misfortune of a cheating man and the women devised a plan to spy on each other’s boyfriends. This method allowed them to offer an “outside” perspective on each other’s relationship and avoid making emotional decisions.

Part of Estelle’s plan to win her boyfriend back was to use her co-worker to make him jealous. Not only did her co-worker have a secret crush on her; she was surprised when she felt a spark for him.

Just when Estelle discovered a new love interest, her ex-boyfriend had an abrupt change of heart and wanted her back.