Ohun Oko Somida

Yoruba Drama
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The movie started with a scene of MR DAIRO, a barrister(ADEBAYO SALAMI) and MRS DAIRO(sola sobowale) in their bedroom preparing to go for an occasion, they bid their children farewell. Getting home the couple begins a discussion in their bedroom and MRS DAIRO(sola sobowale) tells her husband MR DAIRO(ADEBAYO SALAMI) about a house she found, but her husband tells her that they would not buy the house because they have more than enough house already. The next day the couple goes to the office of a friend of MR DAIRO, and there he sees a young lady clarion(mercy aigbe) who works as a secretary. He persuaded his friend into making clarion work for him as his personal assistant, along the line clarion and barrister DAIRO gets involve in an affair. MRS DAIRO(sola sobowale) finds out and tries everything in her power to stop the affair, but with everything did she ended up losing her marriage, her children to her husband and her closest relative aunty subomi (lanre Hassan).