Secret Room

English Drama
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After the death of her father, Edna (Lilian Esoro) and her husband, Kingsley (OC Ukeje) took a journey to find a house that her father willed to her. She wasn’t aware of this particular property among his holdings and it prompted her to investigate.

On the way, their car broke down and they had no other alternative but to spend the night in the house. The home was old, abandoned, and isolated and had no electricity. Edna and Kingsley were forced to fend for themselves in the dark during the stormy night.

On the following day while Kingsley left to follow up on the car and fetch breakfast, Edna searched the home and found various documents. Her father was a Nigerian ambassador and from the information she gathered, he secretly participated in illegal activity and also cheated on her mother. While Edna tried to fit the pieces of her father’s life together, her husband harbored some secrets of his own.