The Accidental Spy

English Comedy, Action
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When IT specialist Emmanuel Prince gets blindsided by his cheating girlfriend, his world comes crashing down. While wallowing in his sorrows, his best friends encourage him to take a trip to America to "breeze out" and refocus his energy. In the meantime, Nigerian news outlets have been buzzing about a new experimental energy source invented by a Nigerian national studying abroad. "The Green Light Source" promises to provide natural sources of electricity to Nigerian citizens for next to nothing!

This prospect however does not sit well with the Nigerian Power Cartels who are currently manipulating and abusing the energy system for their own personal gain. Unwilling to have their reign hampered by a meddling outsider, The Chairman "as he is called, hires a professional hit man to kill the inventor before the unveiling. Fast forward a few weeks and Manny is settling into life as a single guy, exploring America and what it must offer. While lying in his hotel one night, he comes across an advertisement for a reality show called "What's your Fantasy". The reality show offers participants to act out real life documented experiences for pure entertainment. With childhood dreams of becoming an "SSS", Emmanuel decides to sign up for the heck of it. Unfortunately for him, his first assignment takes a wrong turn and he ends up taking the place of an actual assassin. While dodging bullets and risking his life, Manny thinks he's acting out for the reality show. It's not until real life Secret Agent Beverley Walker steps in, that things start to get "real".

While working on the case assigned to her by the NIS Beverly soon realizes that Manny is not a criminal, but simply a pawn unfortunately caught in a deadly web he is unaware off. Will Manny the IT Wiz figure his way through the show and save his life? Or will he fall to the deadly arms of the Viper?

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