Silent Whispers

English Drama
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The movie opened up to Agatha and David’s (Chioma Akpotha & Kalu Ikeagwu) distressed marriage. The cause of their problems wasn’t clear but it’s safe to assume that their disabled son was a factor. David was having an affair with Nora (Belinda Effah) and she was on a mission to get him to leave his wife.

The subplot followed Terry (Kalu Agwu), an aspiring musician and struggling artist. He often spent time with David’s handicapped son, David, Jr. (Victor Okenwa, Jr.). Terry often played the guitar for him and it seemed to have a positive effect on him. The next thing we know, David Jr. was learning to play the piano.

The story gained momentum when Terry got a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a famous recording artist and blew it. Also, David’s cheating got out of hand when he got someone pregnant.